Master’s Rules

The submissive is to kneel in wait for Master, unless otherwise instructed. Knees together, palms resting on the thighs, head bent.

The submissive may not wear pants while waiting for Master. If the submissive is wearing pants when Master enters the room, she is to be punished at Master’s discretion.

The submissive must thank Master for his compliments.

The submissive is not to look Master in the eyes unless instructed.

The submissive may not orgasm without Master’s express permission.

The submissive is to remain silent unless answering a direct question, thanking Master for a compliment, or to use her safeword.

During punishment, the submissive is to remain still and silent, except to count the strokes if Master instructs her to do so. Failing to remain still and silent will add to the punishment.

The submissive is to keep herself groomed and ready for Master’s use.

The submissive will address Master with respect, referring to him only as “Master” and “Sir”.

The submissive is to keep her day collar on 24/7, except for showers.

The submissive is required to take the stairs instead of the elevator 3 times daily, as possible.

The submissive must meditate 10 minutes daily.

The submissive must complete any writing assignment the Master directs within the reasonable timeline He provides.

Breaking any of these rules subjects the submissive to punishment in a way of Master’s choosing.