Who am I?

thumbnail_20170226_095926Hi! I’m the Submissive Wife.

My husband and I recently found BDSM. I have realized in the time we have been exploring together that I need an outlet for my thoughts and experiences. Ergo, blog. Because while I may not be ready to – say – have sex during the Superbowl halftime show (reference to “The Submissive” and “The Dominant” by Tara Sue Me), I do have an interest in exhibitionism.

I am in my late 20’s. My husband and I married when we were 22 and 23. We have been together since my second quarter as a freshman in college, he was a sophomore. We met at a party, from which he walked me home and – I shit you not – shook my hand goodnight. I chased him down on Facebook and we’ve been together, and madly in love, ever since. (2009)

I am a successful litigation paralegal at a large multi-state law firm. I handle six different file types across two states, and used to handle one of those file types over 10 states. I used to work in criminal defense before I left that position, needing to work somewhere that I could grow. I have found that in my current job.

I mention this to show that I am not weak. With growing public interest in BDSM, the stigma that a submissive is “weak” or can’t think for him/her/their own self has somewhat diminished. But just in case you’re reading this thinking “what kind of person would allow someone to treat them like that?” Um, me! And I fucking LOVE it.

I am a mother to two; one girl and one boy. Our son was conceived during one of our very first scenes. Our daughter came before my self-discovery.

I handle all the budgeting, finances, logistics, cooking, and make the majority of the decisions in our family. Not bragging, just saying. I feel for a 20-something, I’m adulting quite well.

My Master/husband is a professional in the field of psychology. Also very successful. He loves music (especially Pearl Jam), video games (especially Legend of Zelda, Doom, Final Fantasy, Super Smash Bros, and Deus Ex), writing, sex, food, and enjoys working out. He is the world’s greatest husband and father. Our kids love him to the moon and back. So do I. A person could never ask for a better partner.

For the duration of this blog, I will refer to my husband as Master. While our day-to-day married life will inevitably bleed into the blog, the primary focus is the power exchange relationship. And in the spirit of keeping myself in that mindset, my wonderfully affectionate, playful, hilarious, spastic, energetic, brilliant husband will be Master. My intense, firm, demanding, devoted Master.