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Exploring Little-ness

Sorry I’ve been gone so long. It’s been extremely hectic in life, with applying to a new job and my current one going completely off the rails. Plus kids, bills, etc. Plus, I have been completely preoccupied with Twitter. (Shout out to my Twitter followers! Love you guys!)

Anyway, I noticed pretty quickly that most of the people I follower on Twitter are in Daddy Dom/little girl type BDSM relationships. And 24/7 dynamics. The way they talk about the things they do with their DDs was intriguing. It was so affectionate and fun and silly. And the things they do in the bedroom are… fucking sexy.

I have previously stated that ageplay is a hard limit for me. I don’t have any interest in being a little girl. I want to be an adult the entire time we’re in a scene and out of one. HOWEVER, I have also discovered that it isn’t necessary to do ageplay and have that same dynamic. So Master and I discussed. I explained to him what I had seen and asked him how he’d feel about it, keeping ageplay totally out of the equation. He told me he doesn’t want me calling him “Daddy” and, having two little kids, I agreed. I just don’t want those lines blurred. At all. (Not that I think there’s anything incestual in ageplay, it just isn’t my thing and I want my kids to be the only ones referring to him as Daddy. As for Master, he can’t separate the title from his kids and it gives him the creeps.)

So we started off pretty easy. Cuddling. Joking around. Being playful. He started showering me with compliments that were geared more towards my personality and my cuteness as opposed to my humility. And we fell into an easy dynamic that lasts all day, where he still compliments my sexiness and my obedience.

And it was just so simple. Master said it felt more natural to him. He didn’t have to be stern 100% of the time, or distant at times. He could always be right there with me, being himself, and still being dominant over me.

As for me, I felt truly loved. Treasured. And I love being the cute, sweet one. I love receiving affection, not just praise. Not just respect. Not just admiration. All that too, but also affection. And I think it was something missing before that made it so fucking hard for us to be 24/7 before.

Now I’m in this headspace with Master all the time, where I’m always his submissive. But I can still be assertive. I can still tease him. I can still flip my shit when necessary. But I’m always doing so with my Master. It is total and complete bliss. It’s been about a week, maybe two now. And absolutely everything is wonderful about it.

So we intend to keep going with this for as long as it works.


5 thoughts on “Exploring Little-ness

  1. Speaking as a Dominant, I’ve always preferred the compliments and positive reinforcement to the emotionally distant method that seems more common outside of ageplay. I’m happy you found something that makes 24/7 feel natural.


  2. It sounds like you have found what works for you! That must feel wonderful! My husband and I incorporate some of the parts you have mentioned from DaddyDom/baby girl play, but like you, we are not into age play at all. I do call him Daddy (we don’t have kids) but other than that, it is just the playfullness, the caring for me, and the way he speaks to me….we both love it. He is still strict when he needs to be, but it totally works for us. Glad you two are discovering what works for both of you!!! I look forward to reading more 🙂

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  3. Sometimes I don’t think we help ourselves with the terms we use.

    What you’ve basically described is you asked your partner to be more affectionate, he started being more affectionate and you both enjoyed him being more affectionate.

    The fact that within a D/s context, that dynamic is given the name “Daddy Dom / Little girl”, which uses terminology which are so loaded with connotations of sinister and damaging behavior that simply saying you’re into it involves a lengthy discussion about exactly what it means, (and more importantly, what it doesn’t mean) strikes me as unhelpful to say the least.

    It’s fantastic that you’ve found a dynamic works for you and brings you both happiness, and I have elements of it incorporated into my own relationship, but by gosh, could the naming committee of the BDSM marketing department not have taken another look at this one?


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