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The 5-Day Challenge: Day 3

It felt like we weren’t connecting. There was a weird distance between us, like we were fighting. We weren’t, but we were acting the same. I was being a bitch like we were fighting. The withdrawal had me so irritable. I knew I had to ask Master for a way for us to connect, partially so I could show him I did love him and wasn’t really this much of a bitch. Mostly, though, because I missed him.

He had me meet him, kneeling, naked in the bedroom. He was already naked himself when he approached me, and he knelt beside me. I was instructed to get into Child’s Pose, and I obeyed. From there, he lightly caressed my back, my arms, my hair. He whispered how proud he was of me, what my submission meant to him, how easy it would be for both of us to just give in. I started to think “this is going to be the blog post where I write that we gave up early. Is that such a bad thing?” But I decided that whatever Master decided was the right thing. His decision was law, and I was ready for that. I embraced it.

He told me to sit back up and he kissed me. His hands ran briefly over my breasts, until he ordered me to go to the bed, lie down on my back, and get under the covers. Once he slid in beside me, he pulled me to him. I was immediately aroused by the feeling of our naked bodies pressed together. But that was dwarfed by the closeness I felt to him.

We kissed a few long moments, doing nothing more. I finally asked “are you going to ask me to sleep naked tonight?” He knows I don’t like to sleep naked. I prefer pjs or a t-shirt. Something. Always panties as well.

“Yes” he answered. “But if you start to feel anxious, tell me and I’ll let you put your clothes on.” I nodded.

I could feel him growing hard against my pelvis. I wanted to serve him, so I asked if he would like to come on me. He began kissing me again, more deeply, and answered by placing my hand on his cock. I began stroking him while his hands moved over my body. It felt so good, and I was so fucking horny. I knew he wasn’t going to fuck me by now. And I didn’t care, I just wanted so badly to touch him. And to feel him touch me.

He ran his fingers between my legs just once, and I bucked off the bed and gasped as if coming up for air. He growled, grabbed my head, and pushed my mouth down onto his cock.

With every ounce of love, admiration, and desire to serve that I had in my body, I worshiped him. I poured every feeling I had into licking and sucking. He eventually pulled me up and replaced my hand. While I stroked him again, he moved himself up so that his hips were level with my head. Kneeling before me, he grabbed my head again and my mouth resumed its work. In retrospect, I realize that not once did I think about my pleasure. I wanted only his. I thought only of him. And I was rewarded.

He pushed me off him and onto my back, where he stroked himself quickly and came on my stomach and breasts.

He got up for tissue to clean me off. I lay with my eyes closed, still thinking of him. And sleeping. Once he was done, I rolled onto my side. He curled up behind me and asked if I wanted to get up and put clothes on.

“No, you asked me to sleep naked, so I want to sleep naked.”

“Good girl.”

And I went to sleep.


2 thoughts on “The 5-Day Challenge: Day 3

  1. It’s difficult to be naked! We’re kind of at the same place where my Husband is telling me to be naked more and I want to, but I don’t want to. I feel very self-conscious even though he always has nothing but nice things to say. It’s good when we do what they want though. I always feel happier with myself when I have obeyed. Glad your night went well.

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