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Orgasm Restriction (The Five Day Challenge): Day 1

Way back before I was even pregnant with our toddler, and before I realize Cosmo’s sex advice column was always the same (suck his balls! Stick your finger in his ass!) I read an article that said the best way to get in the mood to have sex more often was to just do it. The more you did it, the more you’d want to do it.

With that in mind, and with hopes of exploring new depths of my submission to Master, I had this fucking idiotic idea that we should go 5 days without me being allowed to orgasm. This is post ONE of FIVE.

I was fully satisfied Sunday night. I almost wished I hadn’t been, because maybe the denial would have been easier. I was getting worked up over the dumbest things, like a trailer for The Handmaid’s Tale where a man was unzipping his pants. Despite our monogamy, Master and I have crushes. And one of mine is an attorney I work with but have never met. He has such a sexy voice and sense of humor (and is pretty cute, from his picture on the company website.) Just thinking of him or reading his name sends a surge of lust through my body, and I was thinking of him.

When Master bends his head, squares his shoulders, or removes his shirt or his pants, I practically pass out with lust on a good day. I thought often of how miserable I was, and it was only the first day.

“If we’re going to do this, we’re going to stick to it. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

I thought of asking what my punishment would be if I disobeyed, but held off. I didn’t know if I wanted to know. And I had absolutely no intention of disobeying Master. But I was a bit worried that I might accidentally come. I have been known to masturbate in my sleep, for instance.

Master did not make life easier on me. He texted:

“This will likely be your toughest challenge as a submissive yet. And I’m not sure I should make it easy on you…”

“Oh god…”

“I’m very torn. I don’t know if making you submit to my sexual needs during this week will do anything to strengthen our relationship. But, I also think it’s my responsibility as your Dominant to push your boundaries and help you find what gets you off.”

Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck shit goddamnit fucking fuck him, fuck me, fuck all of you, goddamnit motherfucking fuck.

I did ask later that night about potential punishments. Some ideas tossed around were sitting upright, naked and gagged, on a hard wooden stool. Another was extended kneeling. Another was being forced to stay on all fours, naked and gagged. Master asked me how many punishments he needed to come up with. I assured him I had no plans of disobeying him.

“Good girl.”

When we went to bed that night, he made it even harder on me. He took me over his knee and spanked me. He ran his fingers between my legs but wouldn’t bring me over the edge. He fucked my mouth. And in the end, he flogged me so hard and for so long that I went soaring into subspace.

As I relaxed in his arms, coming down from that incredible high, I thought things might be ok. I might make it through this with my sanity intact. HA! Fucking moron.


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