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Flogger Fantasies

We finally received our flogger. A fearsome looking thing with long suede tails and an unyielding black handle. Master and I looked at it wide-eyed in anticipation and nerves when we first took it out of the package.

Naturally we decided to practice outside of a scene before getting into really playing with it. There I was, standing naked from the bottom down, with my hands against the wall. For half an hour, maybe more, Master practiced different flicks and swings. Hitting in different places with different force. We quickly realized this was going to be a LOT of fun. And that I could take, and enjoy, a decently forceful blow from it.

Then we played.

Master commanded me to wait for him completely naked. This is slightly different from our usual play, where I wear lingerie or a top and panties while kneeling for him. I felt exposed. Kind of embarrassed. That feeling didn’t go away when he told me to stand up and I saw that he was holding the blindfold.

He commanded me to the bed and to wait on my hands and knees. He walked alongside me and placed the blindfold over my eyes. “No sounds tonight,” he said. The tails landed across my ass and I bit back the groan of pleasure my throat begged to release. Over and over they came down, each time landing in a different place. Each time getting stronger, harder, rougher.

“Spread your legs more,” Master commanded as he moved behind me onto the bed. I obeyed instantly. He ran his fingers between my legs over the exposed flesh. “You’re wet,” he growled. Again the tails came down. I could feel myself shaking when he finally allowed me to make sounds again. The rhythm of the strokes, the sting when they struck, had me feeling floaty and alive at the same time.

His hand caressed the skin between my legs again. “I can see you dripping for me,” he said. And then, with absolutely no warning and no bravado, he dropped the flogger. He pulled his own clothing off and began fucking me senseless.

When we finally collapsed after our climaxes, we agreed that the flogger is our new favorite.

Next, the ball gag. It came a week ago, but we haven’t had the chance to use it because of an infection I had in my throat. Now, though…


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