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I Melted

“Wait for me in the bedroom, on your knees.”

“Any other requests? Like clothing?”

“Wear something black.”

Ten minutes later I stepped out in my black corset and my favorite black lace undies. I dropped to my knees and rested my hands on the top of my thighs. I waited with my head bowed. He walked over from the corner of the room where he had been getting ready. His hand stroked my hair and down to my cheek and lips while he explained to me how good I looked, how I pleased him.

“How are you feeling?”

“Cold.” He chuckled.

He walked back to another corner of the room and sat on the steps leading down from the loft into the bed and closet area.

“Crawl to me.” I didn’t have a far space to cover, and was between his bent knees within seconds. I noticed for the first time that he was holding a tie in his hands. “Open your mouth,” he said. As I obeyed, he placed the tie between my teeth and knotted it behind my head. I looked into his eyes, watching him. “Go to the bed, lie down on your back.”

He hadn’t told me to stand and walk or to crawl. I opted to crawl, in case his prior order still applied. I climbed into the bed and lay on my back. I waited with my knees bent and feet flat on the bed. Master walked up alongside me, pulled the covers up over my legs, and whispered “close your eyes. Keep them closed, do you understand?” I nodded.

I heard him walk away. When he came back, he pulled the covers back and instructed me to put my legs down. My knees dropped. He spread my legs further, and then I felt the unmistakable signature of the riding crop tracing my breasts. He moved it up to my throat, my lips, my cheeks, and back down. He smacked me a couple times on the tops of my breasts before pushing aside the top of the corset to reach my nipples. I gasped, but withheld my moans. I assumed that the gag meant he desired I remain silent. As he flicked my clitoris with the crop, I learned that was not the case.

“Are you being quiet on purpose?” he asked?

I nodded.

“No need for that. Let me hear you.” I obliged, happily. As he continued to tease me with the crop, he placed my hand on his erection. I stroked, lovingly. Greedily. I felt him grow yet harder in my palm and between my closed fingers.

Another swat landed square where I needed him and I sucked a gasp in with the force of someone who had been holding their breath for three minutes. My knees came up instinctively. “Did I tell you that you could move your knees?” he asked. I shook my head. “Flip over” he said.

I quickly obeyed, soon positioned on my hands and knees on the bed. He pulled my panties down and spanked me eight times. I did not try to silence my cries, as he had told me not to hold back. When he was done, he had me roll back over.

He ungagged me and said “Open your…” my eyes flicked open immediately, and then shut the instant I heard the word “mouth.” Shit. I didn’t have time to tense, as he chuckled lightly. “I can see the misunderstanding, so I won’t punish you for that slip. This time.”

I had opened my eyes for a split second. But in that instant, I saw Master’s face. It wasn’t hardened in determination. It wasn’t angry. He had been smiling. Master has always been very handsome, boyishly so. I love the way his hair hangs down in his eyes when he bends his head. I love the square of his shoulders, the gentle curve at his neck, his full lips, muscular arms, and firm but comforting chest. But he is never sexier than when he smiles. I had barely seen him, but that sight was burned into my mind.

I let the warmth of his expression wash over me as he continued to dominate me. He commanded me into various positions, to perform a number of other tasks for him. His voice cool, collected, allowing no hesitation, let alone disobedience. Even as his hands tightened against my hips, tugged at my breasts, lightly squeezed at my throat, I remembered his smile. And after he thrusted for the last time and my voice went hoarse at my climax, I turned to look at him again. He lay on his back next to me and when his gaze caught mine, he smiled again.

I melted.


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