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Exploring Little-ness

Sorry I’ve been gone so long. It’s been extremely hectic in life, with applying to a new job and my current one going completely off the rails. Plus kids, bills, etc. Plus, I have been completely preoccupied with Twitter. (Shout out to my Twitter followers! Love you guys!) Anyway, I noticed pretty quickly that most… Continue reading Exploring Little-ness

BDSM · Love and Relationships

National Lampoons Dreaded Vacation

I hate visiting my parents. They’re extremely right-wing, my mom gets drunk and emotionally abusive, my dad seems to think I’m 27 and don’t know how to open a goddamn window. They just want to bogart my children and pretend they’re parents again. My dad wants to question EVERY SINGLE DECISION we make about how… Continue reading National Lampoons Dreaded Vacation

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Orgasm Restriction (The Five Day Challenge): Day 1

Way back before I was even pregnant with our toddler, and before I realize Cosmo’s sex advice column was always the same (suck his balls! Stick your finger in his ass!) I read an article that said the best way to get in the mood to have sex more often was to just do it.… Continue reading Orgasm Restriction (The Five Day Challenge): Day 1